All-Nighter All-Stars


November 2001, I would have been in 4th grade at the time. The amount of hours I spent playing video games up until that point in my life I could have counted on my fingers. It’s not that I didn’t like video games; quite the contrary, I enjoyed any chance I got to spend playing them. It’s just that I never owned my own console. I did, however, have a friend who had recently acquired an Xbox and a copy of this game called Halo. He raved about it at school, and insisted that a few friends have a sleepover at his house to play the game with him. It would end up being my first all-nighter.

The controls felt awkward, I sucked at the game, I didn’t know where I was half the time, and I was absolutely hooked. We played most of the night on Sidewinder: 2v2 Capture the flag, goofing around with the vehicles, bouts of Slayer. My friend was quite skilled with a sniper rife, and to this day I have a certain loathing for snipers. I make it my personal mission to seek them out and end their killing sprees.

Many sleepovers followed that one. The one other night that really sticks out in my mind was the night I played coop campaign with another buddy while everyone else was asleep. Before that night, I had never played through the entire campaign. To be honest, because of how awkward the controls initially felt, I was a little frustrated with the campaign. By this time, however, I had grown more comfortable with the controls. My buddy and I battled our way through the Covenant and Flood hordes, cheering each other on and working together to save the galaxy. We laughed at our many deaths, we screamed in excitement and fear, and when we ran those last few feet to the Longsword, barely escaping the destruction of Halo, we finally sat back and basked in our hard won victory.

Fastforward 10 years when I discover the community and realize that there are people who share my love for Halo (and Bungie), and who are even more passionate fans than I am. The brief time I have spent in this community has brought back those feelings of playing Halo for hours on end with my school buddies. I feel as though I have found a home, and I couldn’t thank the community enough for their awesomeness. 

For a while I was never quite sure what it was about Halo that made me fall in love with it. There was so much that I loved ABOUT it: the story, the music, the heroic characters, the fun times with friends. But those things can be found in many other games. So why did I love it so much? (I’m gonna go a little deep here) I believe that the reason we love something, anything, whether it be a person, a pet, a story, a game, is because it has a positive effect on us, it changes us, makes us a better person. Something about Halo changed me as a person, and therein lies my reason for loving it. Halo made me a happier kid, and it made me the gamer I am today. Thank you, Bungie, for giving me that.

Destiny awaits, and my inner 4th grader couldn’t be more excited!

-Mr Daxx

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Seeing Eye to Eye – Eggfooyoung510

I remember the dark setting of the library. My brother and I, playing
co-op side by side, walked through each of the levels with an AR and
shotgun, scared out of our freaking mind, freaking out whenever a
swarm of Flood came through. But in the end, we made it through. Fast
forward a couple of hours, and we’re at the Maw, the final trench run.
I’m driver, he’s gunner, and we go blazing through the level. I take a
left turn, my bro goes and shoots the sentinel on the right. I run
over a grunt, he mows down a Elite. We hit the final jump, thinking we
made it, Foehammer is here to save us, till we see the dam Banshees.
We both stared in disbelief as we saw the Pelican drop pass under us,
hearing Cortana trying to hail her.

There’s one last Longsword at the launch bay.

My brother and I stared at each other, look back at the TV, and I
slammed the right trigger to peel out on the Warthog. Left and right
the Flood and plasma bolts from the Covenant zing past us. We hit the
road block, got onto foot, and ran to the Pelican. I was ahead, and my
brother was slowing down. I turned back, shot the Elites behind him
with a rocket. He tells me to go on and finish it while he holds them
back. I chuck a plasma and fired a rocket, and ran to the Longsword.

The final scene shows, and my brother and I let out a roar of
accomplishment. That was probably the best time we ever had playing

My brother and I don’t always see eye to eye anymore, but we will
always remember that moment, because of Halo: Combat Evolved.

-Travis Ng, Eggfooyoung510

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Blown Away – TheElmo

Halo has been, for so many years, a very significant part of my life. How should I start this? I suppose I will start this by telling you how I got involved with Halo – my story.

One fine day in 2002, I decided to get an Xbox console. I had seen how the gaming community had been blown away by this opening title Halo Combat Evolved, and I wanted to see it with my own eyes. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the story. I had never played a game with this amount of depth, such a large universe that could be explored – just imagine the possibilities! I fell in love with the series, and I got Halo 2 and Halo 3 later on.

The only thing more impressive than the game itself was the huge dedicated community surrounding it. I would join a multiplayer game, and players would start trash talking each other, laugh, kill people, teabag and so on. Yes, I did mention teabagging. Let me tell you, teabagging shows just how much Halo is about fun, not getting the highest k/d ratio, or whether you can get headshots. To me, Halo remains the only series which is centered around gamers having fun with the game. Today, I still play Reach frequently. I own all the Halo books. I eagerly anticipate every new entry to the series or Halo literature. Halo has changed me forever, and who do we have to thank for that? Bungie. The one and only.

See you starside.

– The Elmo

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What once was… – XGHOSTOFW4RX

As a child one can be blissful to the world around them. And throughout mine, it was no such tale. As I grew, the world around was cold and unforgiving, and I never had the ability to sit and relax.

But then I went across the country, to my residence in this town. To find new things aloft, and more importantly Halo. I still remember going to my friends house and hunkering down to play what at the time was the cool console to us, the GameCube. Games of Mario Kart and Mario Party were frequent (take heed I was only 12). And then, we went to his older brothers room to divulge in his X-Box, I knew not what it was, but when my friend picked up the controller and started playing I was in awe.

Here my friend was, playing as to my knowledge some guy, fighting this massive walking object shining in purple armor, razing us with it’s Fuel Rod laser. And then the controller was passed upon me, as if it were a torch to the bearer in the Olympics. I needed to accustom myself to this alien controller, but when I did. I loved it. I danced with this death machine running and looping through it’s gigantic legs and avoiding being crushed. Little did I know that this game would forever change my life, and this game was Halo 3.

I soon found out so much in so little a time, it was a huge community game, with exhilarating gameplay and fun Custom and Multiplayer games. I decided to try that level again, to find it was known as The Storm and this beast I fought was none other than the infamous Scarab. I soon divulged myself into the game as if a rampant AI had taken hold of my reigns. I loved it, my friends and brother would play it all the time, custom games of infection and slayer filled with occasional screams of screen peaking and then laughter.

Then 2010 came around, after purchasing Halo 3: ODST and still not having online, I played, forged and loved Halo. The trailer for Halo: Reach was installed in my console as if someone had put it there when I bought it. I watched it and became ecstatic, I was filled with joy, so every night I would bolt to my computer and search the realms of the internet for anything Halo: Reach. And as time went on, it released, I had pre-ordered it and ran home in glee. I played it with my brother, and then forged, firefighted, and campaigned till early 2011 came around, and an X-Box LIVE adapter presented itself, I installed it and began my journey through the community of Reach as I had done with Halo 3.

As time went by, Summer soon found it’s way upon me. I had now found many a things about Halo that I knew not of, nor could I comprehend. This was called Machinima, and it perked my interests in the universe of Halo ten-fold. I soon ran into a friend who created such things, offering my services I set off. Little did I know that this was the beginning of something much bigger. I voiced, acted, and made such videos for the YouTube populace to enjoy, and I still do today.

But this was only a rough outline of my experience with Halo, for 4 years I have squandered upon the universe that is Halo, playing customs with friends that I will never forget, and making videos that will be embedded to YouTube and my heart for years to come. I will follow Bungie into the deep blue abyss and I will continue to uphold my part in the Halo Universe. Hopefully I can one day be a much bigger part to this massive and beautiful universe that Bungie has created.

So may it be that I bid Bungie farewell in hopes that it’s baby will continue it’s safe keeping with us the community, and I will see them starside. “Per Audacia Ad Astra.”


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Something You Get To Say – JONNY683


Dear Bungie,

Because Of you, and a game called “Halo” I had some of the best years. I met new people, saw awesome art, experienced new things, and felt the sadness of defeat and the awesomeness of victory. I had a friend in combat during that time, which we no longer speak to each other because of differences. But I can fondly remember great moments with not just friends from school, but friends on the internet, and even my own family enjoyed the game. Because of you, I was happy, I was sad, I was owned and I owned others. I can remember having two Tv’s in one room so we can play 6 player multiplayer with my sister’s and their husbands. Even my mother picked up a controller and played. She got a No-Scope head shot in her first online multiplayer game. I had laughs and dissapointments. I cant thank the people I played along side with and against. Even if you were a total idiot, I had fun. That Phrase, I had Fun, is past tense, but when Halo 4 comes out, I WILL HAVE FUN! I hope you guys have more success in the future and let your work do the talking for you. You all had the privilage to not just play but create something that when spoken, made everyone smile. “I helped create Halo.” is something you get to say and make people remember fond memories. I Love Halo, and If it were a woman, I’d marry her. Thank You Bungie, and may good fortunes be in your favor.

– JONNY683

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My Great Journey – Antonio Greco

About two years ago, my sister was involved with a guy who we all thought was going to propose to her one day. Around Christmas time, we went to this guy’s house out in the suburbs (which to me, being born and raised in a City, was like Master Chief on the uncharted but vastly beautiful Halo ring). When we got there, the scenery was magical and it reminded me of Halo 3, seeing as how I was introduced to the Halo series backwards, first 3, then two and then finally at this guys house, Halo CE. It was stunning to see how low grade the graphics were. But as I played the magic and mystery of the game began to show itself and I fell in love. From then on I was a Halo fanatic and to this day I still listen to “Ambient Wonder” at night during the Christmas season or whenever I go to a scenic suburb. That guy screwed my sister over so we left him in the dust, but his Halo CE that he lent to…I mean, MY Halo CE is in my basement.

Halo means a lot to me on many different levels and has done so much for me over the years and so, I feel it is time to give back to the community. I have contacted 343 Studios about gaining their blessings and support on creating a fun documentary/narrative adventure about my contacting the people I have created strong friendships with over Halo gaming for the past Five years. We have become so close and they all live in the suburbs, so venturing out to find them will be like Master Chief venturing out into the massive ring world to uncover its mysteries! I wish to gain the support of the community because this movie is my gift to 343 (who will hopefully post it on their site) and the community to show why we all love Halo so much and what it has done for us in our lives, specifically bringing awesome people together who otherwise would have never met.

For me, this is stop number one. I will continue on my Greatest Journey yet. Forward Unto Dawn my friends!

-Antonio Greco

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Late Bloomer – xDeAdlYxGh057xx

I was a late bloomer into becoming a Halo fan. Up until September 2007, I was a strict PlayStation fan. I’d heard tidbits of information about Halo but marked it off as one of those games I never wanted to play. Then the Xbox 360 was released and soon after, Halo 3 was too. I remember flipping on the t.v. on Halo 3’s launch night and immediately turned over to G4. There was a live launch party being filmed and I decided to stop in and watch. What I saw blew my mind. A dedicated community, an awesome looking online play, and Adam Sesslar’s many jokes about teabagging gripped me and sent me into a fit. “I have to play this game!” I said to myself. The next day I was hanging with a friend and we decided to go see what was in at the movie store. My friend had a 360 so we went immediately to the Xbox games. There it was. Halo 3. And suprisingly, there was one copy left to rent. Like giddy school girls, my friend and I rented the game and beat a path to his house.

The opening cutscene of Halo 3 confused and mezmerized me. Who’s this chick talking? Who’s she talking to? What is that fireball? Who’s that black guy? My God, who’s that in the green suit and why is it so awesome looking? So  many questions! My friend told me about Halo 2 and Halo CE for Xbox. Needless to say, within a week I had a Xbox original and Halo CE and 2. As I stepped out of a life pod, I looked up. Holy cow! That view of the ring captured me and I stood staring at it so long that the dropship came close to killing me. By 2008, I had bought Halo 3 Legendary Edition and a 360 in that order. Yes, I bought Halo 3 before I had a 360. On this day of November 12, 2011, I’ve read all the Halo books, own all the Halo games, and have spent countless hours of online gameage beating down noobs. Halo has made the past four years of my life pretty freaking sweet, and I’m looking forward to spending the next ten years of my life hanging out with Master Chief and this awesome community.

Much love to both Bungie and 343 Industries,


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